OMEGA VRF Technology

Our 3D Smart Inverter Technology allows for the most advanced energy-saving air conditioning system and comfort solution today. Specially designed VRF systems enable these benefits by adjusting to building load requirements, thus achieving the utmost in energy efficiency.

VRF Technologies include patented two stage oil separation technology, oil return control technology, patented oil balance control technology, compressor oil storage technology, refrigerant storage and distribution technology, super-cooling control technology,  CAN network control technology, advanced torque control technology, automatic fault detection, automatic address setting, ultra-long piping run up to 3,300 Ft and intelligent management.

The most advanced VRF Technology is incorporated into each and every OMEGA VRF product.  When we pair this VRF Technology together with OMEGA's project & system application know-how and experience, we offer the ultimate comfort and efficiency in air conditioning with maximum energy savings. 

OMEGA VRF Technology

Engineered to Elevate Efficiency and Comfort .......
........To The NEXT Level

We believe that there are better
ways to experience Comfort.

At OMEGA Environmental Technologies (OET),we believe there are better ways to experience Comfort. We incorporate smart thinking technology such as VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow) together with 3D Inverter-Motor Technology that anticipates users’ needs, resulting in ultimate comfort and efficiency.


OTEC Air Conditioners use smart thinking OMEGA Inverter Technology to adjust themselves and deliver the precise cooling capacity needed for superior comfort. When paired with our inspirational, seamless design, it’s easy to see why OTEC is more than just an air conditioner. It’s an innovative leader. With OMEGA Inverter Technology, OTEC Air Conditioners are engineered to take efficiency and comfort to the next level.

OMEGA Enviromental

If you’d like to learn more about OMEGA Environmental Technologies and its various products including OTEC VRF & Inverter Air Conditioners or available employment opportunities, please write to: info@oetusa.com or contact us at 888 840 7550 in USA.


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