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If you'd like to learn more about OMEGA Environmental Technologies, its research and development programs in technologies and innovation, and its various products including OTEC-OMEGA VRF, Inverter & Marine Air Conditioners or available employment opportunities worldwide, please write to or contact us at 888 840 7550 in USA.

OTEC-OMEGA is a product of OMEGA Environmental Technologies LLC. Engineered to elevate efficiency and comfort............... to the next level!

The OMEGA Comfort Products

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Innovative, high efficiency and technologically advanced ECO friendly wide range of Comfort Products.


Product range to include PTAC, air and water cooled package units, standard and inverter split systems.


Most advanced ECO friendly energy-saving air conditioning system and comfort solution available today.


With 3D Smart Inverter-Motor Technology and auto address setting, OMEGA offers the ultimate VRF system.


Representing today's most advanced innovation and technology from ductless indoor units to water chillers.


OMEGA has elevated the Energy Conservation Technology to the next level by introducing OTEC Evaporative Cooling Systems.

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17702 Mitchell North, #101

Irvine, CA 92614.USA

Tel: 714 795 2830

Fax: 714 966 1649


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