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OMEGA announces the 24/7 " GLOBAL VRF MONITORING SERVICE " (VMS) effective immediately.

Published: July 2015

OMEGA announces the 24/7 " GLOBAL VRF MONITORING SERVICE " (VMS) effective immediately .

The service will be offered as standard and at no cost to customer for one year with every OMEGA VRF installed project over 250 Nominal Tons. Customer may extend the service for additional years as a paid subscription after the one year complimentary period. The service will also be available on smaller size projects, with paid subscription. Contact OMEGA for details.

OMEGA's global "VMS" service monitors the operation of the complete VRF system installed 24/7 from company headquarters in the US, may do adjustments to the system for ultimate operating efficiency, view performance of components, check electrical consumption at all times and report to the field technician at project site any problems and its related solutions. Any problem that would be detected in the system, will bring up alarm conditions at company's monitoring center for immediate remedy and action. Now contractors and building owners could be at ease and have a peace of mind with the latest technology comfort system installed in their building.

OMEGA launches the latest technology VRF products with some of world's most innovative patented technologies.

Published: April 2015

Presenting the most advanced energy saving air conditioning and comfort solution available today, using OMEGA's 3D Smart Inverter technology. OMEGA designed VRF systems enable this by adjusting itself to the building load requirements, achieving the utmost energy efficiency.

VRF Technologies include patented two stage oil separation technology, oil return control technology, patented oil balance control technology, compressor oil storage technology, refrigerant storage and distribution technology, super-cooling control technology, CAN network control technology, advanced torque control technology, automatic fault detection, automatic address setting, ultra-long piping run up to 3,300 Ft., (1,000 m) and intelligent management.

With the most advanced VRF Technology incorporated into each and every OMEGA VRF product paired with OMEGA's project & system application know-how and experience, you are assured of ultimate comfort and efficiency with maximum energy savings.

OTEC-OMEGA Single Inverter product range is expanded to 60,000 Btuh capacity with 5 different style indoor units.

Published: March 2015

OMEGA introduces the heat pump single inverter product range under OTEC brand, for residential and commercial applications, with SEER ratings up to 19 SEER with various indoor units including 4 way cassette, low and high static ducted, floor/ceiling and floor standing models. Cooling capacity extends from 18,000 to 60,000 Btuh with expanded operating range for each size, thanks to the latest technology features built into each and every product for ultimate comfort and efficiency with lowest noise levels. The low ambient feature will allow system to operate down to 5 deg. F ambient temperature.

With ALL DC Inverter design and technology, high efficiency DC Inverter compressors and DC brushless motors in each and every indoor and outdoor units, multi point diagnostics and with various control options, the ultimate operating performance could be achieved regardless of input power volts and/or frequency.

The OTEC-OMEGA inverter systems would be the ultimate choice for cooling or heating in residential and light commercial applications.

The OMEGA Comfort Products

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Innovative, high efficiency and technologically advanced ECO friendly wide range of Comfort Products.


Product range to include PTAC, air and water cooled package units, standard and inverter split systems.


Most advanced ECO friendly energy-saving air conditioning system and comfort solution available today.


With 3D Smart Inverter-Motor Technology and auto address setting, OMEGA offers the ultimate VRF system.


Representing today's most advanced innovation and technology from ductless indoor units to water chillers.


OMEGA has elevated the Energy Conservation Technology to the next level by introducing OTEC Evaporative Cooling Systems.

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